who is nikitas?

Nikitas was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1968. He then moved to Rhodes, Greece. Studied art in Athens and after the scholarship Nikitas continued with art studies in Berlin. Nikitas lives and works with his art today in Stockholm Sweden.

"I have always been interested in shapes. I began using shapes more often after my art education. And now I stand here today. Look around us – everything consists of shapes!

After my decision to study Byzantine painting, I learned the mystic that exists in this technique. I began to change shapes, figures and pictures by simplifying them, so that the only thing that remained, at least in my opinion, was that which was essential.

With the years I discovered exciting shapes which I use to express exactly what I want to show in my painting: feelings, movement and thoughts. Colors in combination with balanced shapes are my greatest passion. I want my art to lead to harmony in the onlookers eyes.

I am eager to show that which is not directly seen, but felt! Everything in life is an inspiration for me, especially when it appeals to my fantasi and my creativity. What really facinates me is to discover similarities between current and historical artists, a type of guiding principle to follow. The feeling, thoughts and shapes that exist now, existed then as well, a fact that means that I am always facinated by creative art. I want to manage this heritage and pass it on for myself and for the rest of the world.

In my artwork the onlooker sees forms that move, forms that flow in a way that the artwork never has an absolute end. This creates an opportunity for the spectator to ”take over” with his or her own fantasy and thoughts".


  • Architectual Design degree from Rhodos Technical University 1988
  • 1989-1992, studies in art and Byzantine saint painting at the Academy of Arts in Athens
  • 1992-1994, studies with focus on Russian Byzantine icons in Berlin
2020 Casa Sofia, Crevillente, Alicante, Spain
2010 - 2020 Stockholm, Galleri S:t Erik
2008 Stockholm samlingsutställning, Galleri B:fors
2008 Stockholm Min, Galleri B:fors
2006 Stockholm, Om, Galleri B:fors
2006 Djursholm, Glad att se dig, Djursholms Bibliotek
2004 Stockholm, Hommage á Karlavägen, samlingsutställning, Galleri B:fors 2004 Stockholm, Små berättelser, Galleri B:fors
2003 Stockholm, Mitt andra jag, CAFE AUSTRIA
2003 Stockholm, Jubileumsutställning, Galleri B:fors
2002 Barcelona, Galleri TAIRA, ”I själens rum”.
2002 Stockholm, Galleri B:fors, ”För evigt”.
2001 Stockholm, Galleri Panorama Art, ”Bland människor”.
2001 Stockholm, Samlingsutställning, Fjärilshuset i Haga.
2000 Helsingfors, Samlingsutställning GRKF, Caisa.
2000 Stockholm, Medusa Gallery, ”Erotas”.
2000 Stockholm, Samlingsutställning, Fjärilshuset i Haga.
2000 Stockholm, Samlingsutställning SKF, Studio 5.
1999 Stockholm, Galleri Oden, ”Under den blå ytan”.
1997 Stockholm, Galleri Patina, ”Känslor”.
1994 Rhodos, ”Senses of human motions”.
1992 Rhodos, ”Water and faces”.
1985-1991 Samlingsutställningar på Rhodos, i Aten och i Berlin.

art in our rooms

Here are some of Nikita's art that today hangs in our rooms that can also be bought. Click here for price list.